The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture is probably the coolest architecture school on earth.  Getting to live in two excellent pieces of architectural history, Taliesin and Taliesin West, gives a young apprentice an experience to cherish.

The desert campus, Taliesin West, was built coming out of the depression in 1937.  Mr. Wright's school gave young apprentices the opportunity to work with him in his architectural practice, and gain valuable construction experience.

As the Scottsdale property was virgin desert when he purchased it, shelter to house the apprentices was initially fulfilled with shepard's tents placed on site-cast concrete slabs.

As time went on, Mr. Wright allowed apprentices to build desert shelters if they wanted something more than a tent.  This gave them an opportunity to design, build and live in one of their own works.  The tradition continues to this day.

3 Desert Way is my work.  I came to the school specifically for this purpose; I wanted to have a built building when I finished school.  The project was under construction for the duration of two years. You may read about it in Architectural Record here.

I continue to make repairs to 3 Desert Way. Most recently, in the spring of 2015, I finished putting on a new roof; the original Sunbrella roof lasted a stunning 8 years in the Arizona sun.  The new roof is made out of Polygal polycarbonate panels.  These panels, originally created for plant greenhouses, create a stunning look and should last 10-15 years.


Trevor Pan, Frank Henry


Trevor Pan with help from Brian Maxwell, Ramone Chavez



Design Team


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Final Pics

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