• $150 initial site visit plus mileage at $1/mile
  • Percentage of construction cost ranges from 25% to 6%. e.g. A $25,000 project would have a design fee ranging from 25% at $6,250 for a high end design, to 15% at $3,750 for a utilitarian design. Larger projects, say $1.5M might be in the 7.5% range for a fee of $112,500. The design fee is in addition to the construction cost.
  • Flat Fees have a direct relationship between experience and percentage of construction cost. For instance, instead of a hard 15% in the example above, perhaps $4,500 might be chosen based on experience with similar projects and the project at hand.
  • Principal hourly $150
  • Drafting hourly $75

"We never said we were cheap."


  • - site analysis, plant selection, presentation plans (hand drawn, watercolor, computer generated)
  • - parks, residences, commercial buildings, church campus design, pergolas, shade structures, columbariums
  • - parking ingress/egress, circulation studies
  • - mobility issues, ADA compliance


  • - building design, interiors, courts
  • - integrated building and landscape, design as one thing
  • - parks, residences, commercial buildings, campus design
  • - programming, color selection, material selection, conceptual studies, feasibility studies


  • - transfer detail libraries from AutoCAD (native .dwg format) to Revit (drafting views), for 3rd party architect and engineering offices
  • - create BIM models for bespoke projects, contractors, 3rd party architects, engineers and real estate professionals
  • - as built measurements for contractors, other architects, engineers and real estate professionals


  • - model and create 3D renderings for bespoke clients, 3rd party contractors, architects, engineers and real estate professionals (Sketchup, Revit)