48th St Transit Station

Phoenix, AZ


This proposal was made for the Phoenix Innovation Games contest created by Mayor Greg Stanton.  


Speaking with a wheelchair bound man from Ability 360, the concept of having front access at ticket booths became apparent. If you think about it, the ticket booths at Valley Metro's existing light rail platforms do not allow front access.  So, for people like David at Ability 360 this can present a challenge. Something as simple as getting a ticket to ride light rail should not be a challenge.


Interestingly, when I started looking around the Phoenix area, nearly all banks, grocery stores, and other public facilities do not allow front wheelchair access at their atm's, dvd machines, vending machines and the like. Given the nature of Mayor Stanton's contest, I think it is fair game to try to improve accessibility all around Phoenix - and beyond.


In addition to improving the ticket experience, this rail platform has raised the level of Washington Street to bring the "ramp" to the road. In this manner, my concept aims to remove a psychological barrier.  The more architecture can integrate level changes without them looking like a "ramp" the better off we are.


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