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Nothing in life is free.


Creating a new building is a significant investment. 


(20 of our competitor's websites don't offer basic information about fees.) 


Do you want to waste time chasing down proposals from them? It depends on your values.


Trevor Pan - Architect respects the value of knowing what you're getting into. Know where you stand from the start. 




"We never said we were cheap."


To Start a Project:

An project review and site visit is where you and the architect can gain a greater understanding of project goals. It is necessary to give you a tailored proposal. 



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$10,000 project review and site visit visit plus airfare, lodging (international) 


$2,500 project review and site visit visit plus airfare, lodging (within United States)


$500 project review and site visit visit plus mileage at $1/mile (100 miles outside Phoenix Metro, but within Arizona)


$100 project review and site visit (40 minutes) and site visit plus mileage at $1/mile (within 100 miles of Phoenix Metro)


To Estimate Your Fee, Prior to a Site Visit:

The design fee is in addition to the construction budget, and is directly related to complexity and the effort required to serve the project. There are a few ways to arrive at a fee. Below are some common methods. 


Percentage of construction budget ranges from 25% to 8%. 


Very Small Projects: kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, patios, etc. usually take 1 week.

Often, the value of the project does not provide an adequate fee to do the architectural work. In this case you can budget $3,500 / week.


Small Projects have a higher percentage fee related to construction. A $25,000 project would have a design fee ranging from 25% at $6,250 for a high end design, to 15% at $3,750 for a utilitarian design. 


Custom Homes ground up, range from 10%-15% of the construction budget.


Larger projects , say $2.5M construction budget for a commercial project, range from 10% for a fee of $250,000 at the high end, and 8% $200,000 for a more modest complexity.


Mega projects are negotiated based on size and complexity.


Flat Fees have a direct relationship between experience and percentage of construction cost. 


Hourly Rates:

Principal hourly $150
Drafting hourly $75



Mileage $1/mile
printing, photorealistic renderings, parking, software rental, supplies, etc. incur a 25% markup 



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