First Piece of Press on the LGF Museum of Natural History

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A fellow marketing friend at an engineering firm first notified me of the article today ~

I called the founder for LGF and he said, "it was a surprise." Great surprise. I think the Phoenix Business Journal's decision to write about the project will serve them well. In nearly everything new a challenge to the status quo is resisted.

When you sit down and think about it, Phoenix is the sixth largest city in the United States. Why wouldn't it have a museum of natural history of a consequential size? Yet, trying to get people to come on board to a major project receives resistance.

Perhaps it's people saying the cost is too great. Perhaps its other projects with better connected developers that manage to capture political currents and steer them to their projects. At any rate, thank you Phoenix Business Journal.

For me, having recently started my firm, the notion of my very first commercial commission being a $200M museum of natural history is quite a thing to take in. But it is. Grateful to Mike Fleeman and Julie Frank who entrusted their project to me, and believed in my creative offerings. Together, we will build a fantastic structure.

After starting this project I've followed many paleontologists and scientists on twitter and read their posts daily. Once the land is secure, I can't wait to have discussions with them as the project takes on an even more mature design. As of now, I see the work thus far as a sketch.

The real building is yet to come, and both LGF and Trevor Pan - Architect have had some practice.

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