LGF Museum - soft opening of pre-museum gallery

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September 9, 2016. In addition toTrevor and Rolf being a superb evening it interestingly fell on my father's birthday, as if it were a sign of approval!


Enclosed are some images from the evening. At right is Rolf Brown and me. He is a retired librarian from Tempe Public Library and made the introduction to Mike Fleeman, whom he also met working at the library.


Considering Mike has been working towards building a museum since a boy, it is a real honor to have been commissioned to design his facility. Many, many other architects and firms could do the job. It was the concept for the Guggenheim Museum that convinced him that I could deliver.


Mike and Trevor2

His python, Bubba, will be a museum pet and adds a nice touch to the museum.I'm sure kids and visitors will enjoy watching him get to 20 ft in length!










Roman Mace Heads2

Roman mace war club heads.






Velociraptor2Velociraptor youth.






Trevor and Dee3Trevor, Dee, and Ginni.










Roman Knives2Roman knives.






Nick of LGF2Nick of LGF Foundation and David from next door.










Megalodon Shark2C. megalodon shark teeth.




















Silver Ingot King Philip2

90 lb ingot of silver, 1600's—the slash at right is the tariff mark, the marks to the left are who it is in payment to, the scoops at center are the assayer's fee and sample, the marks at left are who the payment is from




Crystals2My personal favorite.












Crystals 3Crystals.






Wolf Skull2Wolf skull at left.










Petrified Wood 5Petrified wood.

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  • There are some obviously incredible artifacts in this collection worthy of display in a museum dedicated to Natural History. Knowing Trevor's ability to listen to a client and translate that into a creative vision, I am not surprised Mike Fleeman selected him for his museum design. It is very exciting!

    Posted by Margie Luster, 15/09/2016 12:45pm (4 years ago)

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