Architectural Services For...

clients who are pushing the boundaries of their industry.


Are you on the threshold?


Does your current office, building or campus reflect your boundary busting position? Some businesses can get away with a lackluster built environment or badly placed equipment—the organizations that need Trevor Pan - Architects care. They care about employee pride, customer pride and their own pride.


You do have pride in your place of business, don't you? Or do you operate in a box?


Environments which are artful in thought and laid out with function in mind produce spaces that compel your visitors to want to do business with you. With training in landscape architecture, interiors and architecture Trevor Pan - Architects is positioned to deliver what big firms can't—artistic clarity.


When hoards of designers are competing in big firms to get the next promotion and decisions are made with that in mind, you, the boundary striving company suffer.


You will get "safe" and "secure" designs that do not stir the spirit, do not energize the mind—they simply fulfill a need and propel the designers to higher status.


Picasso did not check in with his board, Van Gogh did not ask for approval, Michelangelo busted sculptural barriers and Da Vinci imagined the unimagined.


Go with an outlier.


Trevor Pan - Architects