Design your new Commercial Project with Style ~

Are you tired of ugly buildings?


     Beauty attracts.


Hire a small architecture firm based in Tempe, Arizona to design your new commercial building from scratch. With Trevor Pan - Architect you will have one point of contact for landscape, interior design and architecture. Traditionally, those three design areas are handled by distinct firms—this means you'd have three points of contact. 


Simplify the process. Deal with one designer.


Trevor Pan - Architect specializes in creating environments that are cohesive and designed by one hand. When three designers work on a team, the design suffers from mediocre concessions. How can three creative people completely agree on anything?


Have you ever hired three tailors to design and make your suit?


Please fill out an email or call (480) 277-3499 to schedule an initial assessment and site visit.



Renovating your Existing Commercial Building ~

Tired of an outdated space? Are your friends and colleagues working in a better environment than you?


Having a pleasant living or working space can change your whole attitude. Schedule an initial assessment and site visit to get started on your remodel project today.


Working with an architect whose ethos is to build beauty will ease a lot of concerns and leave you with a conversation piece.


You do want people to recognize your office space or building and landscape don't you?


Or will you hire another "adequate" architect and be left with a structure everyone drives by and doesn't care about?